Blood Mountain -- A Battlefield on GA's Appalachian Trail

Blood Mountain in North Georgia ~~ Photograph by Robert Sutherland

First, Blood Mountain Trivia:

* Blood Mountain is the highest peak on the Appalachian Trail in Georgia, and is the sixth highest spot in the state.

* Blood Mountain is probably named for a battle waged nearby between the Cherokee and Creek Indians.

* Blood Mountain graces Georgia's Blue Ridge Mountains, which enjoy one of the world's most botanically rich mixtures of temperate climate plants, with northern U.S. species blending in with their southern kin.

* At the base of Blood Mountain's north side is Vogel State Park. Rainfall on the park flows north into the Tennessee River system and eventually into the Gulf of Mexico at New Orleans, via the Tennessee, Ohio and Mississippi Rivers. Rainfall on the south side of Blood Mountain also reaches the Gulf of Mexico, but via the Chattahoochee and Apalachicola Rivers.

* England's King George III included the Blue Ridge Mountains as part of the American colonies when he defined the western extreme of British occupation in Southeast in the Proclamation of 1763).

The Blood Mountain Wilderness is 7,800 acres of peaceful pulchritude, but there have been exceptions. A turning point in the war against evil was waged here in January 2008. A major battle was lost, but we're winning the war.

Do you remember Meredith Hope Emerson? She was a lover of the woods and a lover of life. Evil captured her and took her life. Her friends, strangers, members of law enforcement, and hundreds of people from the entire region searched for her ... and for the man who tried to put an end to her.

Meredith, however, put an end to that serial murderer's reign of terror. Her life continues to inspire others. Right to Hike, Inc., has dedicated itself to preserving Meredith's memory by working tirelessly to keep trails safe. RTH encourages hikers to defend themselves and protect others.

When you hike Blood Mountain, you will be safe - as long as you are alert and wise, as with anywhere you roam. But hiking Blood Mountain - and standing fearlessly at the top - is an act of defiance against those who would impart fear into those who walk in the woods ... alone or with loved ones.

Hike Blood Mountain.

Plant your feet on the battleground. Take a stand for your own health ... your own safety ... and for the right to hike safely in Appalachia.

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