Google Maps is Mapping Hiking Trails with a 50 Pound Backpack

Have you ever seen the Google Maps cars? They drive around neighborhoods, filming absolutely everything and everything.

Now, there are Google Maps hikers too.

The packs needed to film a trail can way up to 50 pounds. Via Reddit, here's a photo of a hiker in action, carrying a device that they call a "Street View Trekker":


Google works with third party organizations who borrow the Street View Trekker and contribute imagery to Google Maps. Organizations such as The Conservation Fund are involved.

You can apply to be a Google Maps hiker. Here's the introductory blog and here's the application form. Oh, and here's a photo of the backpack you'll be carrying.

Trekker hi-res

Google produced this video of hikers in action, everywhere from the Arizona desert, to Alaska, to Greece:

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