Beacon Point: An Appalachian Trail Horror Movie

beacon-pointLast month, we talked about the new Walk in the Woods movie featuring Robert Redford that's coming out later this year.

Well, there's another Appalachian Trail movie due out this year. This one takes a very different look at the trail!

Beacon Point is a horror movie about a group of hikers who set out for 10 days on the Appalachian Trail. The group hikes deep into the Great Smoky Mountains, and soon realize they are lost. Things start to go from bad to worse and they stumble across an ancient secret, the shadow people. Apparently the story is based on Cherokee legends from the Great Smokies.

The story behind the Beacon Point movie

Unlike Walk in the Woods, there aren't millions of dollars and household names behind this movie. Beacon Point is a labor of love, created by a local team.

The movie comes from Blue Lantern Films in Atlanta. So, you might not be surprised that several of the Beacon Point team are horror movie veterans, having worked on the Walking Dead.

Also, being based in Atlanta, it made sense for them to film close to hime. The whole movie was shot in just over three weeks last summer, in Georgia and North Carolina.

The team filmed 80% of the movie and then raised $20,000 on Kickstarter to finish the project. Here's the fund-raising movie from Kickstarter:

Trailer and release date

The Kickstarter project only finished on June 4, so don't expect a release very soon. But Beacon Point should be out sometime in 2014. Here's the trailer for the move itself:

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