Appalachian Mountain Club's Annual Summit: 1-25-14

The Headquarters of the Appalachian Mountain Club in Boston ~~ Photograph by Robert Sutherland

The Headquarters of the Appalachian Mountain Club in Boston ~~ Photograph by Robert Sutherland

The Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC) invites you to attend their 138th Annual Summit conference on Saturday, January 25, 2014 in Norwood, Massachusetts.

The Annual Summit is more than a time for club members to congregate and convene. The public is welcome to gain a new depth of knowledge and involvement on such topics as:

  • emerging threats to the public lands we enjoy
  • opportunities for new river trails
  • the fine art of designing and creating sustainable backcountry campsites.

The speaker at the Volunteer Leadership Awards Dinner is Kristen Kelliher, the youngest lady to climb the tallest peak in each state.

List of AMC Annual Summit Workshops

  • Addressing Emerging Threats to Our Public Lands and Waters
  • AMC Backcountry Campsite 101: It's more than pitching a tent
  • AMC Event Volunteer Training
  • AMC Library & Archives: History - Spirit - Fun Since 1876
  • Cool Waters: Fly Fishing and Brook Trout Habitat in Maine's 100-Mile Wilderness
  • Cycle Touring Close to Home
  • Denali: Conquering America's Tallest Peak
  • Fresh Ideas for the Experienced Leader
  • Hidden AMC Gems You'll Wish You'd Found Sooner: Ten Brigadoon Destinations
  • How Green Can We Be?
  • Leading Adventure Travel Trips with the AMC
  • Mom, Are We There Yet? Family Outings Activity Guide
  • Repair, Replace, Remove: The life cycle of a Backcountry Shelter
  • Revitalizing AMC's Brand: A New Look for Reaching New Audiences
  • Rivers Connect Us
  • The Climbers Underhill and How They Transformed Appalachia Journal

The Appalachian Mountain Club is one of our most stalwart allies in the quest to preserve and maintain our precious natural resources. We hope you'll be able to attend this year's Annual Summit.

Click Here for AMC's Annual Summit Conference

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